How You Can Use Forskolin to Speed Up Weight Loss

As soon as January 1st rolls by, millions start new diets and exercise plans but how many stick to their plans? Many look for a new way to get rid of that belly fat, in hopes of a beach body in time for summer. Roughly 15% of people succeeded when trying out weight loss methods. The 85% who fail are very likely to seek alternative solutions: supplements and radical dietary changes. It doesn’t have to be that way though – some alternative methods are backed by science and can be trusted fully. In this article, we’ll give an overview of forskolin, all natural plant compound that is becoming a popular weight loss pill.

Forskolin is nature’s fat-melting plant.
Forskolin is found in the roots of the Indian coleus, a tropical plant closely related to mint. It’s an active compound that has been used for centuries in traditional natural medicine for a variety of  diseases and conditions, but has only recently gained scientific backing and research. Forskolin gained mass popularity in America after Dr. Oz endorsed it as a weight-loss supplement.

The Science Behind Forskolin Weight Loss

As mentioned earlier, it was only in recent times that forskolin has had notable scientific research for its use as a weight-loss supplement. In the past, there have been numerous test-tube experiments and animal studies, but none on human test subjects. To date, there have been 2 studies on the effects of forskolin in humans on weight loss.

Although only 2 randomized control trials have been done, it’s worth noting that this is considered the standard of scientific research in humans and can be trusted completely. The study placed two groups of 15 overweight and obese men taking either forskolin (250mg – 10% doses) or placebos twice a day for 12 weeks.

The placebo group lost significantly less fat than the forskolin group, but total body weight hadn’t changed. Fat mass was lost, while lean body mass increased: a clear cut improvement in body composition. This means that forskolin is excellent at improving your overall body shape, but poor for losing body weight.

Another finding of this study was that the forskolin group experienced a significant increase in free testosterone. Testosterone has been known to stimulate the release of fat from fat cells and promote an increase in muscle mass, which could explain the fat mass loss found in the study.

The other scientific study of forskolin used 23 female subjects receiving the same dosage of forskolin. The results of this study found that men benefit much more from forskolin than women, who can use the substance in a different way for weight loss.

What exactly does forskolin do to your body?

Forskolin extract activate the release of gathered fat from fat cells. This is the extract same thing that happens whenever your body needs to access body fat for energy use.

In simple terms, weight loss occurs when energy use exceeds energy intake. Ths means the amount of calories you bring in is less than the calories your body uses. Forskolin can be used as a weight-loss supplement when combined with a proper diet can lead to outstanding results. Forskolin can be treated as a catalyst: Without a proper diet plan, it can be near useless when trying to lose weight.

Forskolin triggers your body to burn fat tissues, but if you aren’t taking the proper diet, it will simply burn the fat in the food you’re eating rather than the fat cells in your body. To guarantee that your weight loss efforts aren’t wasted, it’s extremely important to stick to this diet and regulating your intake of forskolin.


The Forskolin Diet

When looking at this diet from a glance, it will seem like common sense for weight loss, but that’s only because forskolin is considered a stimulant. It amplifies the positive effects of your healthy habits as well as the negative effects of unhealthy ones. This is crucial in your decision to take forskolin: If you take a cheat day on your diet, it’s best to stay clear of your daily forskolin dosage.

1. Avoid eating fatty foods.
Forskolin fools the body into burning excess fats. Unfortunately, forskolin has a tendency to target fats found in the food you eat, rather than fats found in your body. If you eat fatty foods while taking forskolin, you’ll only burn fats from the food you’re taking in, making your weight loss attempt pointless. Experts suggest that the best option is to remove bad cholesterol from your diet completely.

2. Avoid baked and canned foods.
Continuing in the trend of keeping a clean palate, avoid these 2 food sources completely since they’re typically high in sugar. Forskolin increases your metabolic rate and taking in these types of sugars slows down your metabolism. The end result is that the process of burning fats is reduced to a level where forskolin is no longer effective.

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